How to Design Backyard Landscape For New Constructions

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Landscaping is a critical part of any new construction project. We are lucky in Oregon to have such incredibly temperate weather and access to nature. Your yard can and should be, a feature of your new home that you are proud of. There are a number of landscaping themes we’d like to introduce you to as you consider the right fit for you and your family. This list below covers all the new construction backyard landscaping ideas you should consider for your project!

Start your landscaping design by deciding on a guiding theme/philosophy

Choosing a philosophy and theme is a critical part of planning your landscaping project. We defined the five foremost concepts for you to consider as a starting point for your upcoming landscaping projects.

1. Xeriscaping

Deliberately designing your yard in a way that requires no additional irrigation or maintenance as the homeowner. This design philosophy is especially advantageous for busy homeowners with an inclination towards being environmentally friendly.

2. Modern

This style is primarily focused on an uncluttered look with clean, sharp edges. Think minimalist. This style is accented with concrete and metal features.

3. Contemporary

There are similarities between the contemporary and modern landscaping aesthetics. However, contemporary designs often feature natural materials (primarily wood) as the accent to a simple, clean space.

4. Rustic

This look highlights natural and native aspects of the surrounding landscape. Using informal design techniques, the rustic look complements the natural environment by using native materials and native flora to accent your yard. Key benefits can be to attract and support local wildlife.

5. Private

Central to this aesthetic is maximizing privacy. By leveraging features like outdoor rooms, large hedges and privacy screens – you can turn your yard into your personalized secret garden.

All the above philosophies can be implemented in yards both big and small. It comes down to personal style choices, neighborhood aesthetics/regulations and budget. Below are a few more ideas that can help you narrow down your choices based on size and use cases.

Landscaping Ideas for Big Yards (>¼ acre)

Big yards can pose quite the luxurious problem – so much space and so many choices. That’s where we can help you highlight the natural beauty of your new space. Often, yards of this size can support a number of features for you to enjoy decades into the future. Water features are always an eloquent centerpiece to nearly all of the above design philosophies. We strongly recommend deliberately creating an outdoor living space to encourage more time outside. This may include fire pits, patios, garden beds or even a covered outdoor room – allowing you to enjoy the outdoors during all the seasons.

Water Features Ideas for Big Yards

While there are many creative ways to include water for your larger outdoor spaces. We have highlighted three basic starting points to add water to your larger backyards. Ponds can be a great central feature that also can support aquatic plants and wildlife. Fountains are a classical landscaping feature that can range from freestanding to integrated with existing features. If you’re feeling adventurous, a water garden could be an exciting focal point for your new backyard. Water gardens can support a harmonious environment for aquatic flora and fauna for you and your family to enjoy.

Outdoor Living Spaces for Big Yards

With a larger backyard, you have options to bring multiple features to enhance your outdoor living space. We suggest focusing on outdoor kitchens and eating areas. There are many ways to tie these areas into your chosen theme. We can use patios, gazebos and pergolas to define your outdoor kitchens and dining areas. There should be plenty of space for people to sit and enjoy your backyard while they wait for food to get off the grill. Fire Pits are always an excellent cornerstone to these outdoor spaces. Consider connecting these defined spaces with pathways to enhance the experience.

Landscaping Ideas for Small Yards (<¼ acre)

While smaller yards may seem limiting at first glance, you can take advantage of our professional experience and we can help you maximize every square foot of your available space. Space constrictions often result in the most creativity. Your yard can be focused around a centerpiece of your choosing – it may be a water feature, an outdoor hangout area or a cookout space.

Water Feature Ideas for Small Yards

There are a number of water features that are suitable for smaller yards. While you may not have an abundance of space there are certainly features we can utilize to maximize your native landscape. A birdbath is a simple way to harmonize with local wildlife. These can be simple, elegant and memorable. Rain chains are multifunctional landscaping features – they are essentially decorative downspouts and can be designed to be metal, ceramic or glass. Lastly, you could include a small water wall in your backyard. Water walls are an excellent choice because they are small, contained and take up more vertical space than horizontal space.

Outdoor Living Spaces for Small Yards

While working with limited space it’s important to focus on your biggest priorities. We recommend using outdoor lighting to highlight your backyard space. We can design a patio that provides an outdoor kitchen and dining area for your family and friends to enjoy. These can be simple, cost effective and tied into the basic design philosophy you have chosen.

Landscaping ideas for Families with Kids & Pets

There are two additional common decisions when creating your outdoor space. That comes down to kids and pets. Both have a different set of requirements that should be considered. Kids don’t need a full high ropes course in their yard; but providing slides, play areas and trees to climb can help children build their relationship with the natural world. Do you need space to throw the frisbee or kick a soccer ball? We’re here to help you finalize these decisions. It can be difficult to decide on the best outdoor spaces for pets, they’re tough on landscaping and we need to make decisions that minimize homeowner maintenance efforts but still give our furry friends a place to play.

There is so much to consider as you plan to landscape your new home. That’s why our team at Peterson Landscape Services are here to support you and help you make these decisions. We’d be happy to chat about all your needs in a consultation meeting! Book your appointment here!