Peterson Landscape Services brings experience and many skills to your project. With our landscape construction services we strive to make each layer improvement build on the next, completing a beautiful, useful and easy-care landscape.

First we build the foundation that will support all the improvements. Retaining walls level and stabilize the ground; trenches are dug, and Drainage, Irrigation and Lighting lines are run. After refilling and compacting the trenches, base for Patios and Walkways are laid. All surfaces slope towards drains as needed to handle run-off. Soil Preparation sustains all the living plants that will adorn the yard.

Flowers and lawns are planted, mulch spread, lighting and roofing installed, sprinklers are tuned, decorative stonewalls and outdoor furniture are applied – all to create a beautiful and very livable outdoor area. Now the yard connects to the house, and takes advantage of distant views and a natural setting. Easy access and eye-catching details entice the owners into their new living area.

It is exciting to watch this phase as the property transforms to something new. See how we transform an ordinary yard into a work of art that you can enjoy everyday.


electricity and irrigation

Electricity and irrigation Installation

Laying irrigation pipes

Irrigation and Drainage

Retaining Walls



outdoor room

Roofs and Structures

Pavers, Stone and Brick Patios

Plantings and Lawns


Stairways and Steps

Water features

Water Features and Ponds